Site Updates & Stuff

27 October 2023

Art and things!

Uploaded some new art to my speedpaint commissions for iinasmuch, and a few new OC pieces to fill out what used to be a very lonely gallery. Iinasmuch and I only have two more images to go to finish out the calendar I've been illustrating for them! This has been a really interesting project, heh.

My very small pixel commission gallery is up, and so is a page showing off all my FNF sprites.

The Smoothest of galleries is updated!

Namely, both types of chibis and also the non-chibis section of the commissions page. I don't really know what to name the rest, as the rest is technically also not chibis but both types have been called that since long before I had the other options...

23 October 2023


Six images from Skilltober have been added to the newest fanart page. Looks like on my next set I'm going to have to do a rollover...? Other than that I have set up all the current gallery pages to be mobile responsive, using a gallery with smaller thumbnails so it's more aligned visibly with larger machines. I also squished the footer a little so it doesn't take up so much space. Mobile users, please enjoy!

19 October 2023

Speedpaint Commission Gallery added!

Hehe. Not a whole lot to say other than this, today. The navigation for my commission gallery is set, too.

17 October 2023

OC pages are added.

Six pages of OC art are all coded in! You could probably guess who my faves are. I'm currently in the midst of figuring out how I want to organize my full commissions page.

Today I got my prints and most of my stickers for Youmacon in, too.

12 October 2023

Gallery navigation added

Not a whole lot to say about today's site update; but at least the header is mostly done now. I'll have a proper header added/finished once I do my sitemap, which will be the very last big site update, after doing my galleries. I also altered my footer, though the way things are cached, some people will see the change, and others won't.

In other news, I'm almost done prepping for Youmacon. I've ordered a pile of business cards, prints, and stickers and they cost around the price of a gently-used kidney; hopefully I will make the prices back... I'm quite nervous; it seems Youma isn't doing too hot in both preparation and in the social media circles. I prefer sitting at chill, small cons, but Youma's so close to home I can sleep there every night, and I actually made it in, so I'm not going to squelch my chances.

I'm also working on turning my neocities page into a 'worldbuilding and whatever' page, and I've sketched up an interesting little template for OC info and art. One day will implode and I don't want to lose all my worldbuilding. At the very least I'll have a side-host and/or a local copy of all my important little beans I doodle.

9 October 2023

A very Disco October begins.

Fanart is caught up, with a big entry of Harry and Kim by the church. I'm also working on Drawtober / Skilltober, where I'm doing an ink drawing in a small sketchbook of the Disco Elysium skills. The first week is up; I'm likely going to sort them into their own page, eventually, probably in the Projects page once I'm done with them. Maybe if we're lucky I'll decide to scan them, too.

26 September 2023

The fanart page is caught up!

Check it!!! It'll be a bit before my gallery landing page is complete, as I'm having issues making a nice layout for it, but my fanart page is complete!

I was really hoping to have a PHP/MySql gallery generator at some point, but it's really beyond my understanding right now. This is somewhat of a 1.1 version from Neocities, so maybe in the future I'll be smart enough for a 2.0 where I don't have to input everything by hand the way I do, and have everything cooly automated!

Also I'm going to loathe making sure all the headers are edited properly in the future....

22 September 2023

Commissions page is in a state of "almost".

Somewhere between then and now, I have added the following pages: About, Contact, Social Media, and my commission Terms of Service. If you've peeked in previously, make sure there's five navigations on every page!

Today I was tweaking my landing page for commissions. Until I fix up the new pages, they'll be hooking into my outdated Neocities pages, but it's updated with a peek at the new gallery browser I had been tinkering with for my Neocities page before I ended up deciding on researching website hosting and domains. It was super broken when I came to revisit it, but I got it working again. ☺

Somewhat unrelated to my website updates, but still solidly in the "and stuff" moniker, I also added a 4-hour commission option on my ko-fi.

6 September 2023

Gallery added!

It's somewhat auto-generated by something called thumbs-up, which has some problems. I was able to iron out many of the issues by hand, however it's not perfect, especially when displaying and moving around gifs. I troubleshoot'd gifsicle and imagemagick and graphicsmagick but I can't really seem to get everything to talk to eachother.

This is a temporary solution, as far as a gallery works, until I manually add my galleries to each section. All my thumbnails and whatnot are autogenerated which is a huge boon.

I also learned how winSCP works when talking to a website, since I only had used it to ftp to my 3DS before. Does it work on my Steamdeck, I wonder?

Of course, my landing page was also added today.

5 September 2023 is born!

Over the past couple days, I had snagged the domain of, applied to, and today was the day I was able to log in!